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eClassTrak2.0-SACC, Online School Age Child Care Registration and Management Software

Online Class Registration Software

eClassTrak 2.0 is a web-based class registration and program management software that is designed efficiently and effectively to improve your current solution. Patrons can browse, register and pay for classes online then receive an email confirmation/receipt. eClassTrak2.0 saves time for both patrons and staff. By eliminating the need to install software, manage hardware and handle support and upgrade hassles, eClassTrak 2.0 is guaranteed to be a great cost effective solution for you.

eClassTrak-SACC 2.0 Online Child Care Registration Software

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Child care has never been so easy…for the parents and staff!

SBSI Software, Inc. eCt-SACC is a Web-based child enrollment program and management software that is designed specifically for the school environment. eCt-SACC shares a database with eClassTrak to ensure cross platform efficiency and accuracy. Parents can browse, register and pay for childcare of enrichment classes online, and then receive an email providing confirmation of the selected services as well as a receipt. eCt-SACC saves time for both parents and staff while providing a cost-effective, low maintenance, no hardware to buy and no upgrade hassle software product.


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