eSiteTrak 2.0 – Online Facility Scheduling & Management

eSiteTrak | Online Facility Scheduling & Management Software

eSiteTrak lets you quickly and without conflict schedule any type of space on your campus. It instantly searches for available space by facility, space type, capacity or a variety of other user defined categories. Schedules are displayed in an easy to read calendar format allowing you and your patrons to review and compare one space or any combination of spaces you have available.

eSiteTrak allows you to do the following:

  • Improved Performance: Because eSiteTrak resides on the internet and is browser based, it is not dependent on the connectivity of a local wide area network.
  • Calendar Based Views: View one day, one week, one month or one year at a glance/Add a new event or edit existing events directly from the calendar
  • Access Powerful Reporting: Comprehensive administrative reporting for more accurate planning, implementation and managing
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: 24/7 availability for staff and patrons – no more waiting in line
  • Integrate with Existing Web Site: Maintain your current look and feel. Keep your patrons feeling comfortable

Take control over your scheduling & management, “It’s Time for Online!”

Here is just a partial list of eSiteTrak’s many features:

Calendar based views

  • View one day, one week, or one month at a glance.
  • Add a new event or edit an existing event directly from the calendar.
  • Improved performance — because eSiteTrak resides on the Internet and is browser based, it is not dependent on the connectivity of a local wide area network.
  • Track participant hours — allows the data in the report set up to be filtered to identify specific reporting requirements.
  • Enhanced editing capability — change the schedule (time or location) at one time for several dates of an event.
  • E-mail confirmation of approved reservation to the client.
  • Expanded security for users, as desired.
  • Allow some users to have “read/write” capability at one location and “view only” at all others.
  • Authorized users, using their password, can access and add or edit events on eSiteTrak from any location. (work from another building or at home)
  • Allow some users to have the ability to submit a “request” that will be activated only upon approval by an authorized user — if approved, the requested information will NOT have to be re-entered by the approved administrative staff.
  • Select how events will be displayed on the calendar to the public — i.e. event can be labeled “reserved” for events scheduled for outside groups or labeled with the name of event for school activities such as “Spring Choir Concert”.
  • Integrates with existing school web site. (Public can view schedules and space availability)
  • Links to eClassTrak reducing data entry.
  • Conversion from SiteTrak to eSiteTrak is available.

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